List of products by brand KING TONY

KING TONY®’s know-how is at the heart of the success of powerful and sustainable tools. Each step of manufacturing a KING TONY® product is thought out, studied and validated in order to obtain a top-of-the-range tool, the quality always exceeding the international standards.

Since 1984, KING TONY® has been committed to providing professional tools. We have always focused on a quality offer, ensuring that this quality meets the work requirements of our customers. Completing a mission in a professional manner is the goal of every mechanic, but completing it easily and perfectly offers the feeling of an even greater personal accomplishment. Thus, every mechanic can really enjoy his work. As a result, we aim to let every mechanic know that when he uses KING TONY® professional tools, he can quickly, easily and perfectly finish his work. He can feel confident and appreciate what he is doing. To achieve this goal, we will continue to provide easy-to-use, manageable, time-saving toolss. Our vision for the future is to tell every mechanic who uses KING TONY® tools: "Enjoy your work". It's the very meaning of using good tools to do a good job and feel a real pleasure when working. Why not fully find your pleasure in your doing your job? Use the professional KING TONY® tools and start living the experience.