Principle of revocation

The Client has, in principle, the right to resubmit or return the PRODUCT to the SELLER or to a person designated by the latter, without excessive delay, and at the latest within fourteen (14) days after the communication of his notification of revocation, unless the SELLER proposes to recover the PRODUCT itself.

Revocation period

The revocation period expires fourteen (14) calendar days after the day on which CUSTOMER, or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the CUSTOMER, takes possession of the PRODUCT.

In the event that the CLIENT has ordered several PRODUCTS in a single ORDER giving rise to several DELIVERIES (or in the case of an order of a single PRODUCT delivered in several lots), the revocation period will expire in fourteen (14) calendar days after the day in which the CLIENT, or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the customer, takes possession of the last PRODUCT delivered.

If the CLIENT's order carries several PRODUCTS and these PRODUCTS are delivered separately, the revocation period will expire on fourteen (14) calendar days after the day on which the CLIENT, or a third party other than the carrier and designated by the Customer, take possession of the last PRODUCT delivered.

Notification of the right of revocation.

To exercise their right of withdrawal, the CLIENT must notify their decision to revocate by means of a declaration made unequivocally (for example, by letter sent by mail, fax or email) to: Carrer dels Caponata 8, 08034, Barcelona or

For this purpose, you can also use the following form:
For the attention of [*] (* coordinates of the SELLER)

SELLER's phone number:
SELLER Fax Number:
SELLER's email address:

I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract concerning the sale of the following PRODUCT:

PRODUCT Reference:
Invoice number:
Order Certificate Number:
- Requested on [____________] / Received on [________________]
- Payment method used:
- Name of the CLIENT and, if applicable, the beneficiary of the order:
- CUSTOMER Address:
- Delivery address:
- Signature of the CLIENT (except in case of transmission by mail)
- Date

In order for the right of revocation to be respected, the CLIENT must transmit his communication regarding the exercise of the right of revocation before the expiration of the term.

Effects of revocation

In case of revocation by the CUSTOMER, the SELLER undertakes to reimburse all of the sums paid, including delivery costs (with the exception of the supplementary expenses, where applicable, by choice of the CLIENT in a different mode of transport to the standard proposed by the SELLER) without excessive delays and, in any case, at the latest fourteen (14) calendar days after the day on which the SELLER was informed of the CLIENT's willingness to withdraw.

The SELLER will proceed to the reimbursement using the same payment method as the one used for the initial transmission, unless the CLIENT expressly agrees to a different means, in any case, this reimbursement will not entail any cost for the CLIENT.

The SELLER may defer the reimbursement until the receipt of the goods.

Revocation Modalities

The CLIENT must, without excessive delay and, in any case, no later than within fourteen (14) days following the notification of his decision to withdraw from this contract, forward the good to: Carrer dels Caponata 8, 08034, Barcelona.

This term is understood to be respected if the CLIENT sends the PRODUCT before the expiration of the fourteen (14) days.

Devolution costs

The CLIENT will be responsible for direct forwarding costs.

Condition of the returned PRODUCT

The PRODUCT must be returned following the instructions of the SELLER and including all the accessories delivered.

The responsibility of the CUSTOMER does not proceed except for the depreciation of the good resulting from other manipulations than those derived from normal use of the PRODUCT. In other words, the CUSTOMER provides the possibility to test the PRODUCT but may not oppose its responsibility if it comes from manipulations other than ordinary ones in the use thereof.


The PRODUCTS are packed in accordance with the transport regulations in force, in order to guarantee maximum protection during DELIVERY. The CLIENT must respect the same rules and return them. In this sense, the CLIENT must return the PRODUCT that does not suit him in its original packaging and in good condition, ready for re-sale.

Exclusion of the right of revocation

The right of withdrawal is excluded in the following cases:

     - Supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market.
     - Supply of goods made according to customer specifications or clearly customized.
     - Supply of goods likely to deteriorate or expire quickly.
     - Provision of audio recordings or videos or sealed programs that have been unsealed after delivery.
     - Newspapers or magazines (except subscription contract).
     - Provision of accommodation service for purposes other than residential, transportation of goods, car rental, catering or services linked to  
       leisure activities if the offer provides a specific execution date.
     - Supply of goods that by their nature require to be combined with other products.
     - Supply of sealed goods that cannot be forwarded for protection reasons
     - Supply of alcoholic beverages whose price has been agreed at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract, whose delivery can only be
       made after 30 days and whose value depends on the fluctuation of the market and outside the influence made by the SELLER.
     - Supply of a content number not supplied in a dematerialized way if the execution has begun with the prior agreement of the consumer, who 

       has also recognized that he will lose his right of withdrawal.
     - Contracts formalized in public auctions.