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ROCAM camera head Ø 40 mm
  • ROCAM camera head Ø 40 mm

ROCAM camera head Ø 40 mm

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Camera heads made of high-quality materials for professional inspection of pipes from Ø 70 up to 300 mm

Excellent brightness:

  • The ROCAM camera head Ø 30 mm has over 10 ultra bright LED lights, that effortlessly illuminate pipes up to Ø 150
  • The camera head can be mounted with a Ø 40 mm camera head for larger pipe diameters

Pressure tight screw slip-ring connection:

  • Pressure tight connection (3 bar) between camera head and push cable
  • High resistance to shock and impact
  • Quick and toolless exchange of the camera heads
  • No burden from electrical connections

High flexibility and resistant:

  • Flexible spring provides 90° curveablity in pipes up to Ø 70 mm when enough stability is provided
  • Pressure tight up to 3 bar with the stainless steel casing
  • Scratch and impact resistant with the sapphire glass objective KEY FEATURES

Mountable transmitter:

  • Optional 33 kHz transmitter can be used to determine the length of the camera head (90° from Ø 70)
  • In small pipe diameters the transmitter can also be used without the camera head to determine the course of the pipe without a visual inspection

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Technical data

Camera head:   Ø 40 mm with 36 LED lights, self-leveling and waterproof
Brightness: 666 LUX (0.5 m), camera head Ø 40 mm

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