Multilayer pipe MultiGrup Pert-Al-Pert 16mm x 100m
  • Multilayer pipe MultiGrup Pert-Al-Pert 16mm x 100m

Multilayer pipe MultiGrup Pert-Al-Pert 16x2 mm, coil 100 m

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Multilayer pipe MultiGrup Pert-Al-Pert 16x2 mm for cooling, heating, plumbing, sanitary systems, industrial installations, electric cable protection, automobile industry.

  • High temperature fluid transportation up to 95º C  (up to 110º C in short periods) and high pressures up to 10 bar
  • Reduced coefficient of thermal conductibility
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion
  • High fluid discharge with reduced loss of friction charge, implying energy savings in relation with the inherent consumption of the fluid circulation. The possibility of incrustations is minimized by the nearly flat inner surface
  • Total anti-oxygen barrier, assured by the aluminium layer
  • High corrosion resistance 
  • Low coefficient of electrical conductibility, reducing the possibility of transmitting electrical power, a characteristic of the metallic pipes
  • Pipes are made of perfectly hygiene materials
  • Reduced level of sound transmission
  • The high flexibility
  • Low weight




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Technical data

External diameter: 16 mm
Internal diameter: 12 mm
Wall thickness: 2 mm

Operation temperature:

0 - 95 oC

Operation pressure: 0 - 10 bar
Max. short term temperature:                     110 oC

Internal rugosity: 7 x 10-6

Termal conductivity coef.: 0,43 W/moK

Linear dilatation coef.: 23,7 x 10-6
Minimum bend radius: 60 mm
Average weight: 115,7 g/m
Average weight with water: 228,5 g/m


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